See what Hypno-parents are saying:

"Jason [Hypno-dad] understood everything that was happening. He was such a great support. Also hypnobabies gave him so much confidence to stop ney -Sayers in their tracks. It felt like I had my own personal bubble of peace body guard. I loved it! 
Overall it was a positive and beautiful experience. I was able to have my baby naturally and without medication or complications. The midwife was even impressed that I was able to tolerate things and the changing of rooms and remain so calm. I believe this was her first hypnobaby encounter. The other nurses were grateful I was an easy birth too. 
In all honesty, it wasn't painful. It was not scary. It was empowering and miraculous. I tell people about his birth story and how hypnobabies has really helped us to have the birth we wanted. I'm grateful for our experience and for your guidance. I hope more people trust the hypnobabies method because honestly, I feel that it helps women and men to find their inner strength and birth the way nature intended. We all are capable, it just matter of know that "child birth is natural, normal, healthy, and safe". That was my favorite affirmation. We couldn't of done it without your guidance."
-Marla Gebaide, DC (with husband Jason Brown, DC) of Centreville Chiropractic Center
This was the healing and empowering birth that I had longed for. Proof that my body and mind are not broken and that I am actually better off to birth a baby without interventions. Everything about it was just as I had envisioned and created in my mind during my pregnancy.
— mother of Kipp Gannon
Up until this time I had been using my Hypnobabies Fingerdrop to go to instant deep self-hypnosis through the pressure waves, and had been using my “Peace” cue to direct my mental anesthesia where I needed it. All along, my sisters McKenzie and Riley, mom, Misty, Squire and I were talking and laughing in between pressure waves.
— Jocelyn
Without a doubt, this was the singular most positive experience of my life. It seems cliche, but my life changed instantly – seeing Aspen lie on my wife in the tub was unbelievable, incredible, amazing, humbling – I could go on and on.
— Aspen's dad
The moral of the story: God is GOOD, faithful, and loving! He provided us with so much supernatural peace during the labor and the birth. As my sister in law encouraged me to do, I just kept “breathing in His grace and breathing out His praise” during the contractions. I never once felt out of control or in pain… just uncomfortable (and my previous births were not this easy, so I thought we had way more time). I guess third time is the charm … my hypnosis was SO extremely effective this time and I was just so happy that my pregnancy was almost over! Isaac made me laugh so hard at one point by trying to remind me of one of my Hypnobabies birth affirmations that says “every time a pressure wave ends, I smile and feel very happy” but he instead said: “remember, honey, that your uterus is smiling!” I kept picturing that during labor and cracked up every time! Praise God for his protection and grace!!!! And for a beautiful, alert, healthy baby girl!
— Calah
I spent my pregnancy preparing myself for this birth. I needed to make sure I did not get pre-eclampsia and I needed to stay healthy. I completely changed my outlook on pregnancy and birth. I ate healthy, stayed active, went to prenatal yoga, received chiropractic care, bodywork, and massage, did my daily spinning babies, listened to my Hypnobabies tracks and practiced my Hypnobabies techniques, read more birth books, attended ICAN meetings (and joined the board), met more homebirth families, and really took an active roll in preparing for this birth. I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way of having a successful HBAC! ... Carter’s birth was absolutely perfect and everything I dreamed of. It was the healing birth I needed and it brought our beautiful baby boy into this world!
— Carter's mom
I have to say that I was so euphoric after giving birth, not simply for meeting my sweet babe, but for having such a empowered and comfortable birthing experience.
— Deanna

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My experience with Hypnobabies was pretty great. The time commitment is a lot, but worth it. At first I was reluctant to get into it; I thought it was kind of silly. Once I realized that it was working and my wife was getting into it, I started to take it more seriously. As we progressed I became comfortable with the language and script reading. Everyone saw what this program was doing for Rachel. During her birthing time I was really prepared and focused on her. I wasn’t embarrassed or nervous that there were other people in room watching and listening. The biggest part for me was seeing how much of an impact my role had on my wife and her birth experience. Seeing that Rachel needed me, and knowing that I had the tools to help her made me feel awesome. I was a huge part of our daughter’s birth! As a father sometimes you feel like you’re not doing enough, but with Hypnobabies you definitely get a chance to play a big part in your wife’s pregnancy as well as your baby’s birth.
Lastly, it brought us closer together. The time we spent practicing together was nice. I think we are a stronger couple now because of Hypnobabies.
— "Rachel's Man, the incredible Kyle Coughlin"