I'm Amanda, your Hypnobabies Instructor


Amanda Ondricek, HCHI

I'm a wife, mother, Christian, reader, teacher and health enthusiast. I love hiking, hot yoga, being outfoors, learning anything beautiful or useful, healing my family, essential oils, connecting with people and kissing my kids! 

My journey to becoming a Hypnobabies instructor began in 2010 when my husband and I were expecting our first! Birth was new but not foreign to me. As a teenager I attended my niece's birth. My own mother has 6 children and she used to tell everyone about my positive and exhilarating birth - I was born in the car! After so many unmedicated births she used to tell us kids, "Why would anyone want to get high on drugs? Natural birth is the best high life has to offer!" Despite these preparatory experiences I didn't know much about the changes happening to my own body and what to expect in 9 months. 

I heard about the Hypnobabies Complete Childbirth Education course from a friend and knew that this was for me! I needed a complete education and I found it in this 6-week course. I was curious about the mind-body connection and loved what I learned about hypnosis in Abnormal Psychology class in college. "Self-hypnosis for a peaceful, unmedicated birth? Sign me up!" 

My husband and I took the group class together and it was one of the most bonding and unifying experiences of our early marriage. The course brought us together, gave us confidence and knowledge and armed my husband with specific skills so that he could be the best doula I could ever ask for! 

Our son was born and it was the exact birth I had created and planned for during the course. It worked! I felt comfortable, in control, and in tune to my body the whole 7 hours of birthing time. I honestly never felt pain, only pressure and movement. I spent most of the night in my bathtub at home while my husband made cupcakes for the birthing staff, timed my pressure waves (what  we hypno-folks call contractions), and boiled water to keep the bath full and hot. My water broke at home while I was napping, we headed to the hospital despite the midwife's advice to wait. My pressure waves were not as close together as she wanted. However, our son was born an hour after we arrived to the small-town hospital and it rocked! Hypnobabies worked just as the many testimonials promised. The unmedicated and peaceful birth provided an easy foundation for healthy breastfeeding, parental bonding, and a unified parenting approach. I thank Hypnobabies for giving us that advantage.   

Consequently, we prepared for our daughter's birth the same way two years later. Just as before, we experienced a peaceful, calm and even quicker unmedicated birth with her using all our Hypnobabies techniques. I was comfortable and confident thanks to all the hypnosis practice I'd been doing. We felt heaven on earth as she quietly came into this world and joined our family forever. 

Feeling passionately enthused about the positive repercussions following a peaceful birth I became certified to teach these miraculous methods to other mothers and fathers who desire a peaceful, comfortable birth. After experiencing it for myself I knew that this kind of birthing experience has the power to heal our wounded birthing culture and remind women that they are powerful people in intuitive bodies. This course has the powerful education to include fathers as Birth Partners and guardians to their women. We heal the world one birth, one baby, one family at a time. I look forward to teaching many more couples!

Since beginning teaching I have had hypno-baby #3! Once again, my husband and I enjoyed a quiet, peaceful, uncomplicated birth - this time a water birth! The hypnosis techniques kept me comfortable and confident during the 5 hours of birthing time. 

Although each of our three births was unique, Hypnobabies helped us navigate the varying twists and turns of birth with comfort, peace, joy and united love.